Saturday 18 June 2022

'After the Equitable Dividing of the Estate of Her Mother' by Debra A. Daniel

After the Equitable Dividing of the Estate of Her Mother
UPS Delivers a Package from Her Two Sisters

  • Four hand painted thimbles of the month, namely May through August.  
  • Four bone china butterflies of the month, specifically tiger swallowtail, ruddy daggerwing, painted lady, mourning cloak.  
  • Four of the 12 place settings of Chantilly sterling, including punch ladle, cheese cleaver, and tea strainer. 
  • One size 4 platinum filigree dinner ring, two of its three diamond chips removed.  
  • Eight volumes of 1958 World Book Encyclopedia including A, Co-Cz, F, and so forth. 
  • One third of the letters written to her mother from her father while stationed in the South Pacific during World War II.  
  • The pink baby book in which there are no entries except for her name on the inside cover, most likely meant to chronicle her first year. 
  • One faux fur coat to be rotated on the first of May to second born sister who will rotate it to third born sister on the first of September, and so forth.  
  • Pages torn from the family Bible, specifically every third book namely: Genesis, Numbers, Judges, second Samuel, first Chronicles, Nehemiah, Psalms, Song of Solomon, and so forth. 
  • A packet of family photos which have been trisected—one third showing heads and shoulders, one third showing torsos and arms, and one third showing legs and feet. 
  • One memorial brass rosette from top right corner of her mother’s casket. The fourth rosette to be rotated as per schedule for faux fur coat. 
  • The sugar canister from the matching flour, sugar, coffee set, contents removed.  
  • From the lilac floral bed-in-a-bag set—the dust ruffle which she recognizes to be from the childhood bedroom that the sisters shared, one decorative pillow, one sham.

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