Saturday 15 June 2019

The Flood has abated...for today!

That wraps it up for today's Flash Flood, but it's not over yet; our celebration of National Flash Fiction Day 2019 continues tomorrow as well!

On Sunday the 16th of June we'll be publishing some of the work that has come out of Safe Ground's Flash Fiction Project in which workshop participants from HMP Wandsworth wrote flash stories around the theme of 'epiphany' in workshops run by Jonathan Crane and Safe Ground staff.  Come back tomorrow to learn more about this inspiring project and read some of the incredible work that came out of this project.

Tomorrow you can also head over to The Write-In where we'll be posting responses to our 2019 writing prompts.  (And there's still time to submit your own; submissions at The Write-In close at 23:59 on Sunday, 16 June!)

If you like what we're doing, please consider becoming a patron of NFFD at Patreon (for as little as £1 a month), making a one-off donation via PayPal or supporting us in one of these other ways (many of which don't involve money). 

Thank you again to all of this year's editors, to everyone who sent us work, and to all our readers. Happy reading and see you tomorrow!

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