Saturday 15 June 2019

'Second Semester French Translation Test' by Alison Theresa

Pay particular attention to tense and prepositions:
  1. The pear is soft (1 point)
  2. I like soft pears (1 point)
  3. The soft pear is on a plate (1 point)
  4. My sister wants to eat the soft pear (2 points)
  5. I carry the plate with the soft pear to my bedroom (2 points)
  6. I eat the soft pear and my sister comes into the room (3 points)
  7. My sister is angry and takes the plate. She throws it onto the floor (3 points)
  8. The plate breaks and the floor is covered in pear juice (4 points)
  9. My mother hears the plate breaking and runs into my bedroom (5 points)
  10. ‘You should not have eaten the soft pear,’ my mother yells. My sister wanted to eat it (6 points)
  11. My sister is still throwing things so my mother drives to the supermarket to buy more pears (6 points)
  12. My mother has gone and I can’t stop my sister. ‘Stop!’ I yell at her but she is throwing my toys around my bedroom (6 points)
  13. My mother returns with more pears on a different plate but my sister has cried herself to sleep in my bed (7 points)

Bonus: Finish by translating one more sentence using this week’s vocabulary

My sister is spoilt (1 point)
My mother favours my sister (2 points)
My sister throws tantrums (3 points)
My mother would like me to be kind to my sister (4 points)
My sister can’t help throwing tantrums (5 points)
My sister gets her way because the doctor says she is special (5 points)
It would have been kind to share the soft pear with my sister (6 points)
My mother will be taking care of my sister for the rest of her life (7 points)

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