Saturday 25 June 2016

'Lost Love's Labours' by Kevlin Henney

The love was gone. She searched all the places it had been. In the bedroom, at their favourite restaurants, among the wedding photos... she tried each one in turn, but it was nowhere to be found.

She tried to rekindle old flames, but found no more than ashes. She tried new flames. They burned passionately, brightly and briefly. Lovers loved but were not love.

She found it one morning over breakfast. Time and familiarity had misplaced it. A simple and true "I love you" served with coffee, woven discreetly into the daily routine. So easily overlooked, yet there all along.


  1. Ashley’’
    Love is one of the most difficult thing to understand. When you are inlove and you expect your partner to love you the same way and then he behave like he really don't care about you. at times he behave like he has fallen, and sometimes he behave like he don't love you anymore.. it's crazing you know? that was how i made mistake with my husband because of his strange demeanor. Please readers, learn from my mistake ..DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR FAMILY MATTERS TO ANYONE. Your family issues is very important to your marriage so therefore, it’s should be kept secret know matter what happen. Except from your parents because you need their blessings and advice.’ because they have gone through the process before you. Apart from that, no one else. Not even your friends.. Because friends will tell you the opposite truth about your home… every time I do talk my husband to his friend unknowingly to me that she do spoil my name to my husband and spoil his name to me because he was admiring me to have sex with me. Anytime I want to talk to him he normal touch and for I did not even think about it because I thought he was my husband best friend that he can’t do anything stupid with me, till the day he asked me for sex I was shock, and confuse, I couldn’t say anything.. he has destroyed my marriage by treason. I didn’t say anything I was speechless and he thought I have fallen then he started touching me I was trying to remove his hand from my breast, he held my leg and wanted to rap me.. he pull his trouser remaining his pants and was on top me, he put his hand on my mouth so I cannot shout though I did but my voice wasn’t that loud enough and at time my husband came to in to report me to him but, he saw a sight that short his heart …he couldn’t bear what he was seeing he fainted. I was just crying I couldn’t say anything…that was how my problem started in my marriage. He stopped me from coming to our home that if I try he would kill me and then he wrote for divorce… it is a very long and sad story I had but today I want you readers to help thank MOTHER SUNLIGHT for what she did for me and my family.. she is my saviour.. pls me in giving thanks to her. I contacted h concerning my problems that I am facing in my marriage she told me what I stated above concerning your family matters. From there I learnt my experience then she asked me some questions and I provided the correct answer…my husband already signed the divorce papers thanks to sunlight she cast a lovespell for my husband then she told me TO GO HOME THAT HE WANT TO HANG HIMSELF I SHOULD QUICKLY GO AND RESCUE HIM BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE. After casting the spell, she purposely did that for him to take me in.. when I got there my husband already tire the rope on the fan wanted to put it on his neck then I screamed and I pushed him and he fall from the chair he climbed. When he got up I was hoping he do tell me, get fuck out of house you whore.. but he didn’t everything happened just as the goddess said. I was shocked and surprised because I have never in my life seen such a miracle. Right there I figure out how powerful and truthful sunlight is…if you read this testimonies and you are having problems in your marriage or with your loved ones please tell the goddess and be the next testifier via She is a goddess, a mother, a saviour. Glory and honor be unto your name daughter of jai mata durga….

  2. A delicate and insightful piece, like fine porcelain, quiet and exquisite.


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