Saturday, 25 June 2016

Empty Promise by Rebecca Field

It was noon before I finally made it out of bed. I had woken with a thirst, and could not claw back the bliss of sleep no matter how hard I tried. The events of the evening before were returning to me in scattered fragments that I struggled to piece together.

I shuffled into the kitchen, my dishevelled appearance reflecting in the hallway mirror as I passed. My head was clear, but the memory of what she had done confused my thoughts and I wondered how much longer I could put up with it all. Would it be too much to expect her to behave with some decorum, occasionally?

It had all started out so well; her ability to match me in drinking capability had impressed me, and she was always up for a big night out. She never had a problem finding someone to join her. I knew she rarely attended her lectures, but even that, her rebelliousness, had seemed attractive, before. That, and the fact that she was gorgeous. I'd been flattered she had chosen me, and we had fallen into a relationship of sorts.

I eyed her cinnamon tea bags, which had found a home amidst the assorted detritus on my kitchen worktop. I made a strong cup of tea and set the grill to heat up; bacon sandwiches were definitely required today. I needed a good meal before I could think straight; to work out how to tell her it was over.

I opened the front door to take out the kitchen bin, and nearly tripped over the object that had been left there. This wasn't the first time she had left a peace offering; what would it be this time? I wondered.

Inside the tin was a large chocolate cake. Well, I had to hand it to her; as olive branches go, she had at least made an effort this time. The fact that she'd managed to get all this done by lunchtime was also... impressive. How could she be so capable, and yet so out of control? The literal icing on the cake spelled out her apology further: 'Sorry' it read in looping white letters.

I sat at the kitchen table and tapped out a text message. 'Thanks for the cake. This time we need a serious talk. I mean it.'

She agreed. I knew she was lying. I cut myself a slice of cake as the bacon sizzled.

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