Saturday, 27 June 2015

'Rabbit Hutch' by Ninette Hartley

Almost everything is packed away ready for Suzy to move back to her parents’ house. There’s one thing left. The big glass jar full of coins.
She hugs it to her chest to unscrew the lid and remembers how Michael would throw in the small change from his pockets each night.
‘Blimey there might be enough for a down payment on a house soon,’ he'd said.
‘More like a rabbit hutch,’ she'd scoffed.
Suzy tips the jar up and allows the money to cascade onto the table.  It takes a while but she arranges the coins into separate piles.  It looks like a miniature town of high-rise buildings with cylindrical architecture. She traces her finger around imaginary roads in and out of the buildings then – crash – it collides with a stack of twenty pence pieces and knocks them flying.
Pretty much the same way his motorbike had ended up – bits all over the place.
There’s nothing she can do to change what’s happened.
She counts the money and is surprised that it comes to just over sixty-seven pounds.
Suzy places her hand on her tummy as she feels the baby kick.
They’ve said she’s having a boy.  How proud Michael would have been.
She speaks quietly to her unborn child, ‘I think I’ll get that rabbit hutch with the money - and a rabbit.’

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