Saturday, 27 June 2015

'Not Born' by Allan McDonough

'I got lost today, mummy.'
'Where did you go my darling?'
'I went to a place full of greens. I could see daddy and he was crying.'
'I saw him too, in the park.'
'I liked it there, mummy. There was music coming from the greens.'
'Oh yes. The birds sing loudest in the park.'
'There were smalls there too, mummy. Only they weren't crying. They danced around like the angels.'
'Yes, my sweet, the children love to play games and run around.'
'Why was daddy there?'
'That was where he first knew.'
'He knew about me?'
'Oh yes, he knew. He used to sing to you as we lay on the grass.'
'I liked daddy's music, mummy.'
'You remember his singing?'
'Yes, I remember. It made me warm, like before. Was daddy warm in the park mummy?'
'He was always warm in the park.'
'Then why was he crying, mummy?'
'Because he doesn't understand yet.'
'I wish I could go back and see daddy.'
'I do too, my beautiful angel, but we cannot.'
'But I chose him. He's my daddy.'
'I know, but it's not time to meet him yet.'
'When will I meet him, mummy?'
'When his time comes.'
'But I chose you too, mummy, and you're here.'
'That was my time and that is why I'm so happy now.'
'Will we stay together now, mummy?'
'Always, and when daddy is ready he'll come too.'
'How will he know where to find us, mummy?'
'He'll just know.'


  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking in equal measures, Allan. Simple words that carry great depth. Well done!

  2. Simple, wistful, but curiously hopeful. Enjoyed this.

  3. Quietly sad and moving, Allan.

  4. Poignant and delicately evoked with a surprisingly uplifting ending.


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