Saturday, 27 June 2015

'Paper Trail' by Tracy Walsh

The signs were all there: The first thing he did after proposing was sack his cleaner. Then the critical path analysis approach to wedding planning; the colour-coded calendar; the rotas for everything. Everything.
Hardly surprising then that up to now, their "paper" wedding anniversary, he'd proved to be not the most romantic of husbands.
"Paper" - tickets for a show or a romantic holiday? Get real! (the tag line to her marriage).
"Ordnance Survey Map of the West Pennine Moors" said the cover. "I've planned a week of 20-mile walks, camping along the way." he told her.
"The postman's bringing your present, Dear" she replied, before going upstairs to pack.
A lot of thought had gone into her paper offering to him. The camel's back had started to sag long ago. It was time to move on and let him add the divorce papers to his impeccable filing system.


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