Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Open the FlashFlood Gates!

Welcome to FlashFlood, the pop-up journal for National Flash-Fiction Day 2012.

Over the past 7 days we have gathered flash-fictions from over a hundred writers from around the globe and brought them here to let them loose on you, our beloved readers! There is everything here: happiness, despair, love, life, death, and cake . You name it, we probably have a story about it.

These tiny gems will be appearing every ten minutes or so, all through the day, right up until midnight, courtesy of a sterling team of editors (and me). So, sit back, strap in, and prepare to be deluged by a veritable flood of flash-fictions!

Calum, Susi, Shirley, Nettie, Caroline, Susan and Cassandra.
The FlashFlood Editors

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And the Flood abates....

That's it for this year's FlashFlood!  Huge thanks again to our writers, our readers, our editors , and everyone who submitted work....