Wednesday 16 May 2012

'Liar Liar' by Tamsin Jupp

Mary wiped the sweat from her lower lip as surreptitiously as she could. She couldn't really do anything about the trickles of sweat snaking from under her arms. Shifting slightly in her seat, she moved her arms away from her body. It wouldn't dry out the dark rings, but it would hopefully stop them from expanding. 

Her thighs rubbed together as she tried to carefully cross them. The skirt was far too tight; Abigail had always been smaller then her.  Across the room, Mr Brown carried on his  fight with the photocopier.  He was making little noises now, under his breath. She wasn't sure if they were of excitement or horror. 

The skirt band dug into her stomach as she leaned forward, her breasts strained at the buttons.  There was sweat in the crease of her squashed breasts now. Mary blew down onto them, then coughed quietly. 

It was the cough that finally caught his attention. 

"Nearly there Ms Ruspier...."

"Please. Call me Abigail." 

"Just need you to sign the contract."

Mr Brown rescued the passport and copies out of the machine and sat back at the desk. He pushed the papers towards her.  Mary picked up the contract, her hands shaking slightly. 

"It's all very standard you'll find Ms Ruspier. Sorry Abigail."

"Yes...looks in order."

She signed quickly, grateful that she remembered to sign Abigail's name under the stare.  The sweat coated her whole body now and she was desperate to get out.

"Well that wasn't too painful, was it now?" 

Mr Brown stood up, picking up the contract and placing it in his in-box.

"I look forward to seeing you on Monday. The team are really looking forward to working with someone of your calibre. I only hope you don't find us all too dull after the city."

He passed back Abigail's passport and a copy of the contract. 

Mary struggled to her feet, her toes slipping to the tiny pointed end, crushing them in the confined space.

"I'm looking forward to it Mr Brown. See you Monday."

They reached across the desk to shake hands, Mary almost dropping her documents as she juggled a hand free. 

Three steps to the door, one heart stopping moment when her hand slipped on the doorknob, then with a blast of fresh air, she was out of the building, past all the staring eyes and in the street. 

Mary waved down a black cab. Oh the decadence! Eighteen years of scrimping, wiping bottoms then snotty noses. All those years of listening to Abigail and her wonderful successful life!  Of course her sister hadn't violated her body with children.....The anger boiled up again as she saw Abigail and John holding hands, bags by their feet, telling her how they just couldn't fight it any more. 

Well two could play at that game! An eye for an eye, a life for a life! Sisters shared everything didn't they?

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