Wednesday 16 May 2012

'Wistful' by Mayamaia

"Excuse me." Sandy Fischer looked up into the cool blue eyes of the
It was one of the Twins, the blonde one. They weren't actually twins
and she knew they weren't related because she had checked once with a
probing jest to the dark haired one about his "brother", and he'd
replied, "Cousins would be more appropriate." Meaning they weren't
actually cousins either. But they were always together and showed easy
familiarity with one another, so the nickname had stuck.
They were her regulars. She worked for an airline and she had
regulars. It wouldn't be too strange to have someone who went on
business trips once a month, perhaps, but these boys flew out almost
once a week.
"How can I help you today, Mr. Kuryakin?" Sandy asked, trying to keep
her voice steady. Then she noticed that he was alone and blurted out,
"Is Mr. Solo alright?"
The blonde man looked amused and replied, "No, he is fine, he will be
along presently. But I'm afraid I need to request a change in our
reservations. It seems that we are going to a different San Jose."
"Costa Rica? How lovely, and in winter too! I wish I could go with you
and Mr. Solo," she said as she took the tickets he handed her and
started to look up flight schedules.
"I'm sure you would, Miss Fischer," Kuryakin replied, dryly.
Sandy tried not to sigh. The same words from the other Twin would have
been regretful, with just the hint of invitation to suggest another
opportunity to spend time together. But Illya... Mr. Kuryakin, she
firmly corrected herself... was not the sort to suggest anything.
Sandy wished nice girls could make the first move.
"Here you go, Mr. Kuryakin," she said, "and the plane is pretty empty
so I took the initiative to give you seats in first class. After all,"
Sandy said with the brightest smile she could make, "you are such a
very good customer."
"Thank you," Illya said, "I'm sure Mr. Solo will appreciate it." With
that he went to a chair to wait, and to Sandy's disappointment didn't
even look at the desk again.
"Well, Illya, did you get our tickets sorted out?"
"Yes Napoleon. In fact, we were upgraded to first class again. Your
fan club seems to be useful for some things, at least."
"They're useful for many things. Which one was it? Marsha?"
"Sandy this time."
"How odd. She's turned me down twice."
"Perhaps she's playing hard to get."

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