Wednesday 16 May 2012

'Flat Taste of Success' by John F King

You wrote major, I said minor.
You might as well face it: you wouldn’t have had the hit without me.
I don’t want it to go to the suits, man.
We were never about that.
It just makes me feel so flat.
All this conflict, discord sowed when there was such sweet harmony.
I said sort it and get back to me, don’t need those ‘see you in court’  blues.
 I’m not asking for everything, not even a half. Twist and shout, in at 10%.
 Fair dues.
I acknowledge you wrote the song, the concept, but without that crucial chord change it wouldn’t have had the impact. You know  that  as well as I do.  
It’s why we stopped making music together.
Why  you stopped speaking to me though I sat by the phone for 20 years.
So 20 years in the charts, let’s call it 9% , respect all those years on the road,
humming the right kind of bars.
20 years at 8.9 % - off the top of my head I’d say you owe me 1.5 million euros,
Yes, you heard me, 1.4 , it wouldn’t even trouble your accountants.
I’ll drop my bank account details on your voicemail, yeah mine’s in the Cayman’s too, makes things so much simpler, don’t you get me?
We haven’t spoken for 20 years,  you don’t even have to now if you don’t want to, as long as you do the right thing.
No, I’d never threaten you, man, you know me, it’s just J.U.S.T.I.C.E.
8 % of the royalties and you can carry on never hearing from me,
That’s all I ask , fair play.
‘Course  we were never a real duo, like Paul and John, Mick and Keith, Elton and Bernie..
Wouldn’t even dream of  bracketing myself with them.  We, alright, I tried most things in my time except blasphemy, you feel me?
Listen, call it groovy at 6.9% and I’m out of your bandana.
Let’s not get heavy man, it’s not in the spirit of what we had.

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