Saturday 6 June 2020

'It was a day like any other...' by Mary Gilonne

so  yesterday she found a new place to stand, leaning against a metro bill board. Then this guy, the one who had walked off in the slick of night, the one who left her saying that quietness cooled the chain of moments on his tongue and he needed more than yoga mats and Berlioz and why had the sunflowers died it must prove something, appeared at the tunnel end, signalling with two hands as if he was swimming through air, and all the people parted to let him through. Moses she thought, and Cecil B deMille, half expecting a thunder of Roman horses on the rails, mosaic roof tiles splitting to let in the divine shock of sky, and then she heard him, distant, like his voice had inhaled a helium balloon, weightless and ethereal as an angel. She thought he called her name but even later would never be sure, what marked her was the blood, unforgettable, she imagined the Red Sea like that, every wave of it.

'It Was a Day Like any Other'  was first published online in Unbroken Journal in 2015.

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