Sunday 25 June 2017

Time to Dry Out...

The waters are receding, and the sun will soon dry the land. All that is left is silt and devastation.

Thus ends the Flood.

So, what did you think? Cracking, wasn't it?

As always a big thank you to all the writers who submitted, and to all those who were published an extra congratulations.

Thanks also to the editors:

Shirley Golden
Susan Howe
Ingrid Jendrzejewski
Caroline Kelly
Cassandra Parkin
Nettie Thomson

And thank you to you, dear reader, for your constant support for FlashFlood and National Flash-Fiction Day.

And... that's it.

So, until next year, be excellent to each other, and thank you again.

Calum Kerr
co-Director of National Flash-Fiction Day


  1. Thanks for putting this together. Your hard work is appreciated.

  2. Some really excellent stories! Honoured to be a part of it. Until next year!

  3. Thrilled to have been chosen to contribute, thank you.

  4. Well done, gang, what a feat! Thanks for the inclusion.

  5. It's my favourite part of Flash Fiction Day! Thanks for much for hosting and managing it.

  6. Brilliant. Breathtaking, the quality of writing. Kudos to Calum Kerr and the entire FlashFlood team.

  7. Many thanks Calum and the team for all your hard work in making this happen!


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