Saturday 24 June 2017

'Fashion' by Judi Walsh

Today you have been issued with bodysuit #18. What is left of the others (for example #7 internal damage and #13 surface scarring) will be recycled. But #15, subjected to so much violence, has had to be melted down. This is not an enjoyable process and the smell coats the inside of my nostrils so I cannot think about anything else. I will not do it again. I’m not without sympathy, and for this latest issue I have tried to keep as close to the original bodysuit as guidelines will allow. Of course, I do not have to tell you again why these are all recalled at birth. But if I didn’t know better, I would begin to suspect that these returns are not entirely the result of accident. It’s almost as if you don’t appreciate the improvements we’ve made for you. It’s almost as if you would rather inhabit bodysuit #1 with its inherent ugliness, abnormalities and imperfections. Please take more care of this release. I cannot be responsible for what they might do if you don’t.


  1. Oh my goodness, short and sweet in its direct line to the soul. Love this, Judi.

  2. This piece was originally published in 2016 by @bookshaped


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