Saturday 24 June 2017

Catechism by Emma Dykes

Father? I says, d’yer know my friend, Lou?
He doesn’t know her.
No, she don’t go to church. She’s protestant. Will she go ta Hell?
Hunky priest he is but mustn’t think that. It’s a sin. He says Yes. She don’t worship in the proper way but she’s my best mate and she’s comin to my Holy Communion. I got a white dress with a ribbon and an Aunty-knitted cardi. She should sit at the back in case she’s struck by lightning while I am received. She’s nice. She should stop saying Oh My Christ though because he’s not hers. I say Praise Peter God, cos that’s his name and I know him, cuz he’s in me somewhere. Sometimes her mum says Christonabike and I don’t know why and I feel funny when I laugh about it. We hang upside down on the metal bars and breathe creosote right up into our soft little brains. God can see our knickers. I won’t go to Heaven without Lou I don’t think.

1 comment:

  1. Such an insightful snapshot of innocence trying to make sense of the world of dogma. It's all there and in so few words.


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