Saturday 25 June 2016

'Eternal Sequential' by Judy Darley

Every Wednesday began with us zipping on our protective suits, preparing for the journey that lay in wait. Endurance would be key; the strength of body not to waver, the psychological resolve not to look back. Effie had been warned often enough not to try to glimpse what followed. Even when she thought she heard its shambling step behind her, felt its breath against her spine. Each of us knew our place in line, the great curving crocodile that stretch from here to, well, for all we could guess, infinity. Extraneous belongings were packaged up, sent ahead, and every family set off in turn. Eventually, we knew, we would be reunited at our next rest stop, sometime around dusk on Tuesday. Exhaustion shimmered in the air as we anticipated Wednesday's dawn, when we’d begin the journey all over again.

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