Saturday 27 June 2015

'Chalk Dust ' by Kate Patrick

She meant to pass unnoticed amongst a crowd.  But there was none, just the empty chalked silhouette marking where he fell. As lonely in death as he had complained he was in life. 
He would make the paper the next day. One line. Age. Incident of death. Nothing of his passions, his dreams, the many places he had visited or those he had hoped to see. Or of his mistakes, she would think. His only significant legacy the price of his watch being languidly debated in the neighbouring block by the pair who had chanced upon the lonely wrist, a cracking end to their crack fuelled day.
In deference the sky began to cry, its first tear smudging the chalky profile which would soon be erased completely. As she left she mused how sad that no one cared to question whether he had in fact jumped.

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  1. loved reading this. Left me wanting to know more


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