Friday 12 October 2012

'Skimming' by Gail Aldwin

Through the obscured glass, she recognised his black leather jacket and when he pressed his lips against the window leaving the imprint of a kiss, she knew it was Dyz.
            ‘I’m off.’ Shan ran her fingers through her hair, making the blonde curls bounce. She slung a jumper around her shoulders and bolted outside before her mum could see who was at the door.
            Kicking a can along the road, a signal for the neighbours to gawp, they lurched, bumping hips and shoulders as they went. At the station, he jumped the barrier and she followed, chasing him down the steps as the train drew in. Shan sat by the window and Dyz slumped next to her. He chewed gum and Shan stared out of the window. When he knitted his fingers through hers, making the pattern on a zebra’s coat, Shan’s heart thumped.  
            On the beach, they walked towards the sea. Waves lapped the pebbles and Dyz took a stone, balanced it in his hand, then skimmed it across the water. It bounced more times than Shan remembered to count and she clapped her hands, applauding his performance. A gang of boys jostled on the path and distracted Dyz. They stood in a huddle, adjusting their baseball caps. When they beckoned Dyz over, he hurtled towards them, stretching his arms to slap their shoulders. Shan watched from the shoreline, then Dyz turned and saluted her. The boys jeered but Shan waved back, trying to smile while the tears seeped.

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