'The Doll's House' by Elaine Marie McKay

Mummy Doll is in the bedroom behind the veil of the four poster bed. Daddy Doll is in the library sitting on the stripy chair. He doesn't have the same face as Real Daddy.

Mummy Doll is taking one of her naps. Daddy Doll is reading one of his miniature books with a great big smile on his face that never fades.

Dolly Me is in the kitchen making cookies for Mummy Doll; it is important not to disturb Daddy Doll.

Now, Dolly Girl is knocking at the front door. She's from next door.

Dolly Me doesn't answer the door. That's Daddy Doll's job. Daddy Doll straightens up and jumps down each step with sack race legs.

Dolly Me doesn't look as Daddy Doll, still smiling, pushes Dolly Girl into the livingroom. Where the computer should be, there is a tiny grandfather clock standing in the corner alongside a tiny fireplace, its warm glow painted on.

Dolly Me doesn't hear Dolly Girl's tiny sobs. Instead, Dolly Me rattles tiny pink pots in the tiny pink kitchen.

Dolly Me doesn't hear Daddy Doll's rasping whispers.

Dolly Me bends her elbows so her moulded hands reach her ears and she won't hear Daddy Doll tell Dolly Girl, 'Don't tell. Don't tell.'


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