"The Devil's Blessing" by Johnny Heriz-Smith

Knife wrap tight in handkerchief, no problem get a stick. I got five leone from Moses minus pop and rum for them Devils, and for Doc and them fool boh, and then for Moses and him Freetown titi.

But them boh gone sneak rum off quick, so I hide it with the bird. That’s all them want, is rum - and gawp down that shiny road like stupid fool they are. I only see what it bring and what it take away.

This bird one scrawny chicken Moses Uncle brought, lucky it got any blood at all, and he smile sweet-sweet, but I see no coin from him. He fish without a net, so.

Them Devils talk, so I slow-slow and Doc he stop singing. It’s the titi they say, she one bad blood Freetown ho'. Now I heard talk she been all round, her skin oil and walk like a snake up on its tail. Not all round, not with grey hair man like me.

Oh Lord, just look at Moses - he like a squirrel catch a baby eel. Now  I see she  play a marry game. I heard she bed Moses boss-eye brother. And Moses always look to put his own foot in someone else’s shoe, as if.

I’ll play this game, or starve the wisest fool in Tokeh.  I trick the bones - Doc just look away and smile. He get his cut.

Listen! No-one hear them Devils ‘cepting me. I’m the one that give them blood and rum. Man got to eat to stay alive, you know. And soon I’ll be down under, waiting hear my own name called - Farah, oh, are you there Farah? Yes, sweet sweet Salone, I here. 

Now where‘s my drink?!!



  1. Great tale and a cracking voice. Very unusual.

  2. A rich diet of words - but well worth staying with. Now where's my drink?

  3. I'm with PB in this; the voice is great.


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