Sunday 7 June 2020

The Flood has abated...

That's it for this year's Flash Flood!

This year was a year of records.

We received by far the most submissions ever -- 1650-some, compared to 1007 last year -- as well as a record 250 pieces written by unpublished writers.  We more than doubled our Debut Fiction slots for new writers, and substantially increased our regular slots as well.

Once upon a time, our aim was to try to find 144 pieces so that we could publish once every 10 minutes.  This year, it was a struggle to keep the number down to the record 218 pieces that we published this year.

Our seven editors did an amazing job reading through the flood of submissions, and we all agreed that the overall quality of submissions was incredible.  We could easily have filled a journal twice this large with fantastic work, but time and space forced us to make very difficult decisions.

Thank you to everyone who submitted, and huge congratulations to everyone who made it in this year.

National Flash Fiction Day is now over, but we will be reading submissions to The Write-In until 23:59 BST on 7 June 2020, and will be continuing to celebrate flash fiction throughout the month with National Flash Fiction Day New Zealand (a completely separate organisation with completely the same love of flash).

Until next year, happy flashing from all of us at FlashFlood!


  1. Thank you to all who submitted. Some lovely stories here.

  2. Just to say very well done, and to offer heartfelt thanks to the editors. What an undertaking, and what an impressive result! We will all be enjoying this flash for weeks and months (and years) to come.


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