'Blackguard' by Amy Mackelden

You hate when words degenerate, want to un-perjorate ‘jealousy’ so its merging with ‘envy’ didn’t happen. You like words to be precise, reread King Lear yearly, as if you’ll heed its advice. Not making mistakes others have made, even in fiction, is its own kind of success, if mercenary.

I’m at that diagnosis stage where the irreversibility of it has me barbing at choices I made which, at the time, were bell clear. But waiting for rewind is like Walt Disney paying to replace his blood so he’ll see 2020. He’s not going to see it.

Advice for me 5 years ago? Panic: feel it. You can’t outrun damage. It’s industrial strength concealer removed with a wet wipe but sunk in skin like vitamins, still visible in UV light. Only assign fault to politicians. You can’t change anyone’s feelings. You’re responsible for yourself, only. And he’ll try if he still wants to try.

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