Last Report by Sarah Snell-Pym

Crying tears at the bottom of a well is never a good idea; the main bit of the badness is the being at the bottom of a well.  It doesn’t really matter if it is a dry well or a wet well or a gravity well - which is why we were always surprised about humans.  I mean there they all sit at the bottom of a gravity well, just moseying around like it is the most normal state of affairs.  Occasionally one will notice and go insane from panic, or alternatively, write a book on dolphins and mice and demolition.

However, non of that explains our current issue of being stuck at the bottom of a well - a very wet well I might add; and yes, we are crying, for none of us can see a way out and we will die here.  Here in this mud and filth that is rapidly becoming our filth, and the stench is clogging our nostrils.  Arrogance paved the way, we thought we knew what was right and best and we thought we could blast in and just fix everything.  Well it turns out Homo Sapiens aren’t actually as daft as their broadcasts lead us to believe, nor were they so predictably heroic, so they caught us off guard and unawares and wham bam we are tethered and tied and no amount of entreaty would now get them to listen.

We had proved ourselves invaders, we are the aggressors, we can not be suffered to live but... but some people are as stupid as the TV programmes we had been watching from space; we now realise most of these are made up, not as active misleadings and enemy entrapment.  No, they are just entertainments.  Humans do not know of the song of life; they do not sing with their hearts, though having observed them we now feel it is only a matter of time before they reach peak awareness and hivemind will kick in.  When that happens all their cruelty and love will pour out into the universe, for this is a species where those things are so entwined they will never be separated.

Apologies for the digression; it is the misery burn, the stupid people it turns out worship us and are looking for us and our dead bodies or even our ashes would be fodder for the masses and so we are here buried in the dark, deep down a shaft, in salt water that eats at our flesh.  We are waiting to die.

Humans do not understand technology that is not metal or glass so we can still send this warning.  Earth is a no-go zone and quarantine will only put off the inevitable - they will escape their gravity well and they will plague the universe. We suggest full eradication. Do not attempt a rescue mission. We repeat, no rescue mission is to be attempted.

Over and out.


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