'On the Rebound' by Tim Roberts

Life has always handed me plenty of ups and downs, but I have a knack of bouncing back onto my feet; even when I fall flat on my arse. I started this new hobby to keep myself busy on an evening; it helps takes my mind off solicitors fees and the other woman. My brother checks in on me occasionally and never fails to remind me that he thinks my behaviour is a little inappropriate. He suggests that I should at least wear leggings instead of short skirts. This from a man who wears pristine, white knee length socks to the gym.  Everyone can see your knickers, he tells me, shaking his head like I’m still his feckless baby sister. I ignore him and advise him to mind his own business as the springs prepare to help me momentarily defy gravity once more. To be honest, I like the attention almost as much as I enjoy the trampolining.


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