Welcome to Issue 4 of FlashFlood

Well, hello there, and welcome to issue 4 of FlashFlood.

The first issue came out just over a year ago, produced to tie in with the first National Flash-Fiction Day. In that respect, this is the anniversary issue, as it is appearing on 22nd June, 2013, the second Flash-Fiction Day.

And so, you're wondering, what have we learned in a year of publishing this journal?

Well, we have learned that there is a seemingly inexhaustible supply of flash-fictions out there, and that it's possible to publish literally hundreds of stories without getting bored, or repetitive or disenchanted with this tiny form.

If anything, it seems that with the increasing spread of flash-fiction, the standard of work is getting higher and higher. This does mean that the bar is rising with every issue and so, if your work wasn't accepted, please don't be disheartened, you faced some stiff competition.

Of the work we have accepted, we travel through the whole gamut of styles, genres, perspectives and possibilities. And we have jumbled them all together to give you a constantly surprising experience as you read through.

We managed to find nearly 140 pieces this time, which means that a new story will be appearing at a rate of just over one every ten minutes. And, if there is one thing I have learned from a year of editing this journal, it's that this is the way that flash should be. A downpour, a torrent, a flood!

So, sit back, get ready for the soaking, and we hope you enjoy reading issue 4 as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Until next time,
happy flashing!

Calum Kerr
Editor, FlashFlood and Director, National Flash-Fiction Day.

Your editors have been:

Shirley Golden
Susi Holliday
Susan Howe
Caroline Kelly
Calum Kerr
Cassandra Jane Parkin
Nettie Thomson


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